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Accelerated Dog Training   OFF LEASH Control


 Accelerate-It!(TM) Training Program

Quick, reliable results!

Have OFF LEASH CONTROL of your dog In Four amazing sessions! This customized, hi-tech, remote collar training program is the equivalent of over one year of concentrated training for reliable Off Leash control! It is designed to take you and your dog quickly, gently and reliably through the basic commands;  Come -Off Leash; House manners;  Loose leash walks; Stays, "Leave It" and "Go To Place". Dogs learn excellent house manners. We teach off leash control around distractions and temptations!  

Additionally they learn quickly what NOT to do! We show you how to stop unwanted behaviors. Dogs should be trained for 'real life'. Your dog can learn how to come when you call -off leash -and can happily and safely exercise in the great outdoors.

The Accelerate-It!(TM)  Package  fee $650.00 includes 4 private sessions plus a top quality Remote control and training collar. Subsequent group lessons, to reinforce your dog's training around other dogs, are available at discounted fees. Call Mary for availability: 847 426 5089 

Unsolicited emails from satisfied owners

Hi Mary.  I just wanted to let you know that Buster is doing beautifully!  He is so proud to be able to go out into the yard un-tethered.  When we go to  the park,  he’s had the opportunity to run full out for the first time in  his life and you can see the joy in his face.   He’s finally making lots of eye contact & most importantly - he consistently chooses me over the squirrel.

Thank you !!
Fran Cella Elgin, IL (Two yr. old Husky mix)

Dear Mary. Lowe & I would like to thank you for for the many things you taught us. I learned how to work as a team to show Lowe to her best! We quickly finished her Companion Dog title. Judges commented that I did everything right to make her look and work her best. I attribute all those comments to the work we did at Care Dog Training. Thanks for pushing me to try showing. The training system you use to teach handlers how to work with their dogs is excellent.

Jennifer Hintz & Lowe Elgin, IL (Leonberger)

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